Alphabetic (dis)Order

Alphabetic (dis)Order

What do you see? Say it out loud!



Sort the items above by their initial sounds. How many groups did you get?


Now, write down these items and sort them by their initial letters. How many groups did you get this time?



The underlying agenda of each Say&Say kit is to encourage kids to use what they already know to learn something new. In the Say&See ABC kit, the first skill children acquire is letter-sound recognition. To help them do it on their own, we separate letters of similar sounds.


This brings clarity into the learning process and helps to minimize adults' interventions. As a result, the letters are divided into groups and introduced in an untraditional order. All the components of the kit follow this division. The children can learn and practice a complete set of skills for one group at a time. Practicing these skills again and again with each group of letters reinforces the newly acquired skills.


Your children will learn to connect the letter-sound to the letter-shape and vice versa; discover the lowercase letters and identify them with the letters’ names and sounds; learn that different letters can make the same sounds and that sometimes there are different sounds to the very same letter; construct, write and read CVC words; expand their vocabulary, strengthen their communication and reasoning abilities; improve their fine motor skills, eye-hand-coordination and using writing tools;


Moreover, on top of the literacy skills the children acquire, this process develops cognitive skills and builds their confidence in their learning abilities.


True, they do not learn the order of the alphabet, but this knowledge is not crucial for reading and writing.

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