Say&See ABC - FWHQ

Say&See ABC - FWHQ

What’s in the box?
All one needs to start an exciting journey in the world of the alphabet:

29 puzzles game (116 pieces)
1 activities booklet
5 double side, wipe-clean tracing letter cards
1 wipe-clean pen
1 storage bag
1 instructions guide

Whom is it aimed for?
Say&See ABC is aimed for preschoolers, whether native English speakers or those who learn it as a second language. For both groups, it serves as a playful gate to the English alphabet.

How to use the kit?
• Play the puzzle and reveal the letter shape by matching 4 objects that start with the same sound.
• Scoop the puzzle pieces into the storage bag right after playing.
• Practice letter sound recognition, discover the lowercase letters and construct CVC words through the FunBook activities.
• Learn and practice handwriting with the reusable TraceCards.
• Let the ColorKey guide you in adjusting the challenges to the child knowledge and progress.
• Follow our blog to find more ways to play and enhance learning with the Say&See ABC kit.

Which skills one can learn and practice through Say&See ABC?
With this learn-through-play kit, your children can develop various motor, sensory and cognitive skills.
They will:

 learn to connect the letter-sound to the letter-shape and vice versa;
 discover the lowercase letters and identify them with the letters name and sound;
 learn that different letters can make the same sounds, and that sometimes there are different sounds to the very same letter;
 construct, write and read CVC words;
 expand their vocabulary, strengthen their communication and reasoning abilities;
 will improve their fine motor skills, eye-hand-coordination and using writing tools;
 gain confidence in their learning abilities.

Why should I buy it?
For parents and educators learning is the goal.
For the children, learning is the added value of the game.

Are you a parent?
Say&See ABC is designed to accompany your children throughout preschool years. With plenty of practice and hours of screen-free fun, You can be sure your loved ones are well-prepared to their first year at school!

Are you a grandparent?
A loving Aunt or Uncle?
Say&See ABC bridges the gap between adults and children opinions in regard with what is a great present.
It is a thoughtful gift to give, and a joyful gift to get.

Are you an educator?
Then, here is an engaging way to foster literacy — ideal for integrating into class or homeschooling activities.
There are multiple ways to play the game and use the kit. Check out our blog, as we regularly post further play-ideas.

When is the best time to start learning the ABC?
Officially — Say&See ABC is for 3+ years old.
Having said that, there is no need to wait till your toddler becomes a preschooler! You can use the puzzle simply to expand the toddler's vocabulary.

Our educational kits are designedly planed to fit a range of ages and learning phases. It is part of our educational attitude and sustainability principles, and we shall elaborate on that in a future post.

Who's playing?
Yep. That’s us!

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